Pervasive SQL Import Wizard--Login Dialog

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Clarion's Dictionary Editor Import Wizard lets you import Pervasive SQL table definitions into your Clarion Data Dictionary. When you select the Pervasive SQL Accelerator Driver from the driver drop-down list, the Import Wizard opens the Login/Connection dialog. The Login/Connection dialog collects the connection information for the Pervasive SQL database.


Before you can connect to the SQL database and import table definitions, the database must be started and must be accessible from your computer.

Fill in the following fields in the Login/Connection dialog:

Database Name

Select the Pervasive SQL database that contains the tables to import. If the Database Name list is empty, you may type in the name. See your server documentation for information on how the database is specified. The specification may depend on where the database server is located (remote or local), and on the network protocol (TCP/IP, IPX, etc.) used to access it.

DDF Directory

Press the Browse button to select the pathname or directory containing the database DDF files.

Database Directory

Press the Browse button to select the pathname or directory containing the database.


Specify either the Database Name or the DDF directory, but not both.

Owner Names

Optionally, type a comma separated list of names the Pervasive SQL driver tries when opening encrypted Btrieve files. If a name contains a comma or space, it must be surrounded by single quotes.

Refresh table list

Check this box to refresh the list of tables to import when you press the Next > button. Clear the box to improve performance when the database is likely to be unchanged between imports.

Disconnect after Import or Cancel

Check this box to disconnect from the server after importing the (last) definition. Generally, you should clear this box when importing multiple definitions in order to maintain your connection to the server between imports.

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Press this button to open the Import Wizard's Import List dialog.