PostInsert(trigger insert action post-processing)

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PostInsert( ErrCode, ErrMsg ), returncode


Returns confirmation that valid dictionary trigger activity has occurred after an insert action, and optionally sets an error code and message to be processed.


A string constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that represents an error code.


A string constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that represents an error message.


Indicates if an error occurs.

The PostInsert method is a virtual method that returns a TRUE value by default if post insert trigger activity was processed normally. The developer must set the return level to FALSE if any problems occurred in the post insert trigger activity code. When PostInsert returns FALSE, an ERRORCODE 100 (trigger error) is posted. If ErrCode is set, then FILEERRORCODE will be set to the contents of ErrCode when the error is processed by the ErrorClass object for the associated file (table). Similarly, FILEERROR will be set to ErrMsg.

The PostInsert method is accessible from a table’s trigger properties located in the Dictionary Editor, or, in the Global Embeds of a target application


PostInsert is implemented using the file driver callback mechanism, therefore, this method will have access to all variables that the File Manager has access to. These variables and the ones added in the Data section of the method will allow the developer to insert code that will be executed after an INSERT action for a file.

Return Data Type:     BYTE



!Push any pending errors on stack, to allow trigger error detection


 ReturnValue = PARENT.PostInsert(ErrCode,ErrMsg) !returns TRUE by default

 !trigger processing here – optionally set ErrCode, ErrMsg and ReturnValue


!restore errors saved on the stack

 RETURN ReturnValue

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