Relationship to Other Application Builder Classes

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Derived Classes

The EditClass serves as the foundation and framework for its derived classes. See EditCheckClass, EditColorClass, EditEntryClass, EditFileClass, EditFileDropClass, EditFontClass, and EditMultiSelectClass. These derived classes each provide a different type of input control or input user interface. You can control the values returned by these derived EditClass objects by using their virtual methods. See the Conceptual Example.


The EditClass is loosely integrated into the BrowseClass. The BrowseClass depends on the EditClass operating according to this chapter's specification; however, the EditClass may be called by non-BrowseClass procedures and objects.

The BrowseClass.AskProcedure property indicates whether the BrowseClass object uses the EditClass for updates.

The BrowseClass.AskRecord method is the engine for the edit-in-place functionality. This method uses the EditClass to dynamically create the Edit-in-place control upon request (Insert, Change, or Delete) by the end user. When the end user moves off the edited record (enter key, click on another item) the AskRecord method saves or deletes the record and uses the EditClass to destroy the Edit-in-place control.