ResetQueue (fill filedrop queue)

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ResetQueue( [ force ] ), VIRTUAL, PROC


Fills or refills the filedrop's display queue.


A numeric constant, variable, EQUATE, or expression that indicates whether to refill the queue even if the sort order did not change. A value of one (1 or True) unconditionally refills the queue; a value of zero (0 or False) only refills the queue if circumstances require it. If omitted, force defaults to zero.

The ResetQueue method fills or refills the filedrop's display queue, applying the applicable sort order, range limits, and filters, then returns a value indicating which item, if any, in the displayed lookup file already matches the value of the target fields (specified by the AddUpdateField method). A return value of zero (0) indicates no matching items; any other value indicates the position of the matching item.

For example, if the filedrop "looks up" the state code for a customer, and the current customer's state code field already contains a valid value, then the ResetQueue method conditionally (based on the InitSyncPair property) positions the filedrop list to the current customer's state code value.

Return Data Type:     LONG



 IF EVENT() = EVENT:OpenWindow



!program code


See Also:     InitSyncPair