Resolving Invalid Proposals

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Invalid proposed changes to the target dictionary can be resolved in two ways: from within the Synchronizer and from outside the synchronizer.

Within the Synchronizer, choose Display Validation Error from the menu to find out exactly what the problem is. Display Validation Error

Provides information about the nature of the invalid proposal—describes why it is invalid.

If you don't need the offending item in the target dictionary/database, you can proceed with the synchronization by unmatching the item (RIGHT-CLICK the item then choose UnMatch from the popup menu), then deleting it from the target (RIGHT-CLICK the item then choose Delete from the popup menu).

If you do need the item in the target, you may be able to resolve the violation by changing the Synchronizer operation applied to the item. For example, if you copied the item from the source to the target (you chose Copy to Target from the menu), then all properties of the source item (including any unsupported properties) are applied to the target item, resulting in an invalid proposal. Changing the operation from "copy" to "ignore" should resolve the problem (RIGHT-CLICK the item then choose Ignore Differences from the popup menu) because the Synchronizer does not copy the source item properties to the target item.

Alternatively, you may resolve the violation by canceling the synchronizer session, changing the offending data declaration in the source dictionary/database, then resynchronizing.