Searcher (ASCIISearchClass object)

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The Searcher property is a reference to the ASCIISearchClass object for this ASCIIViewerClass object. The ASCIIViewerClass object uses the Searcher property to solicit search values from the end user, then locate the values within the browsed file.

Implementation:     The AddItem and Init methods initialize the Searcher property.

The Searcher property is added to the AsciiViewer by calling the AddItem method. The AsciiViewer does not take ownership of these objects, it just uses them if supplied. It is up to the owner of the objects to destroy them when they are no longer required.


Since these objects are generated by the templates in local procedure scope, they will be destroyed when the enclosing generated procedure dies. If these objects are created by hand coding, then they should be destroyed by whoever creates them.


The exception to this is when the EnableSearch parameter is set on the Init call. In this case the AsciiViewer may create it's own "internal" viewer. In this case, they are destroyed in the Kill method of the AsciiViewer.

See Also:     AddItem, Init