Font Dialog

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Lets you change the font, style (such as bold and italic), font size, color, and font effects (underline and strikeout) for the selected control or window. As you choose options, the dialog box displays a sample of the formatting.

Choose from the following:


Type or select a font (typeface) name. The dialog lists the fonts available with the current printer driver and additional fonts installed in your system.

Font Style

Select a style. To use the default type style for a given font, select Regular. Depending on the fonts installed, you can choose bold, italic, or bold italic.


Type or select a size. The sizes available depend on the printer and the selected font.


Select the formatting options you want. Choose:


Underline - underlines all characters, including the spaces between words, with a single line.


Strikeout - draws a line through selected text.


Type or select one of the sixteen predefined colors. To display color, you must have a color monitor; to print color, you must have a color printer.