Dictionary Entity Browser

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The Dictionary Entity Browser is a tree control that provides a complete view of all elelemnts of your dictionary. Click on any element to display the detail property dialog of the selected element.

This dialog appears as a middle pane within the Dictionary Editor.

Press the Add button in the toolbar to add Columns, Keys, Relations, Aliases, and Triggers from this view.

A splitter control separates the Entity Browser from the Properties windows. Drag the splitter bar at the bottom or top to resize, or click on the middle splitter button to hide or unhide the Browser.

The Dictionary Editor allows you to have multiple tables open at the same time. You can make changes to entities within a table. Pressing the Save button within the Entity browser allows you to save the changes to that entity. However, you have the chance to later rollback all your changes by closing the dictionary editor without saving.


So the Save button in the entity editor allows you to save the changes you have made, but still have the option to discard those changes. The Save button on the main IDE toolbar saves the dictionary. At that stage you cannot revert your changes.