TakeNewSelection (process a new selection:BrowseClass)

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TakeNewSelection, VIRTUAL, PROC

The TakeNewSelection method processes a new browse list item selection and returns a value indicating whether a window redraw is needed.


TakeNewSelection returns one (1) if a window redraw is needed, otherwise it returns zero (0).

The TakeEvent method calls the TakeNewSelection method when appropriate. The BrowseClass.TakeNewSelection method calls the appropriate Locator.TakeNewSelection method.

Return Data Type:     BYTE


IF FIELD() = ?MyBrowse               !focus on browse list

 IF EVENT() = EVENT:NewSelection     !if new selection

  MyBrowse.TakeNewSelection()        !BrowseClass object handles it

 ELSE                                !if other event

  MyBrowse.TakeEvent                 !BrowseClass object handles it