List Format Manager - Procedure Level

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The List Format Manager dialog allows you to set the precise level of control for the runtime Format Manager. Special formatting of the list box can be controlled behind the scenes by program logic, or you can open up a special popup design interface that allows the users to create and modify unlimited list box format appearances.

The following images show an example run time Format Manager interface:

From the browse box, the user can right-click, and select a different format from the popup menu, or add a new format by selecting the List Format menu item.

The list box above shows the Format Editor’s active list formats, and allows the user to add, change or delete them as needed.

The user has the ability in the above Format Editor window to designate what fields (columns) to use in the new format, and move the field values up or down in order.

Note: If you change the order that the columns are presented in the list box, each column MUST HAVE a specific column field number defined in the list box formatter (do not use the Auto option). See: Field Number

The following prompts are presented:

Popup Mode

Choose Enable from the drop list to allow the user to access the Format Editor interface at runtime, or Disable to remove this menu item from the popup.


Format Editor Interface:

Items Check Type

Select Icons to allow a check box icon to appear to the right of the column selection interface. Selecting Text will give you a "Yes" displayed when a column is included in the format string.

Items Sort By

Select Alpha from the drop list to display all list formats in alphabetical order. Select Code to sort the list formats "as is", in the order that they are entered.

Tool Tip

Select Enable to allow tool tips to be displayed in the Format Editor.


Different Format for each Sort Order?

Check this box if you would like to save a different list format for each active sort order defined (default and conditional). For example, a sort by account number may display a list format with the account number first, a sort by name may display a list format with the name first, etc.

Append Sort Number to Menu item

Each sort defined uses by default "Sort Order X" where X is equal to the sort number. If you are translating this text by overriding the Sort Order Menu item in the Global Properties, you can disable the sort number generation here.

Save Format on Session?

Check this box to allow users to save their current format changes when closing, and use that same format as the new default when the window is opened again.

The destination of the saved changes is defined in the List Format Global Extension. You can specify that the application create a table to store the format changes, or you can specify an existing table in your data dictionary.

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