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The BrowsePrintButton template provides a Print button to call a procedure with the ProcessRecord request (see Procedure Templates--Inter-Procedure Communication for more information).

Print All Items

If you use the BrowsePrintButton to call a simple Report procedure, the report prints as usual, applying any design-time keys, sort orders, range-limits, and filters.

Print the Selected Item

If you use the BrowsePrintButton to call a Report procedure with the ExtendProgressWindow extension template (set to Single record), the report reacts to the ProcessRecord request and processes only the selected BrowseBox item. See Other Templates--ExtendProgressWindow for more information.

This option works by using a current-value limit on the report key. Therefore, if you have a non-unique key you can print multiple items--for example, all customers named Smith.

The BrowsePrintButton template provides the following prompts:

Procedure name

Type the name of a procedure to call or select a procedure from the drop-down list.