Expression Editor Dialog

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The Expression Editor is a built-in utility that helps you build all types of expressions.

(Chapter 10 of the Language Reference provides a detailed overview of Clarion language expressions)


The bottom window pane (a text box), is used to display the expression that you are constructing. You can enter an expression manually, or use the helper panes to the right and above to help you build your expression.


Use the drop list shown above to select from a variety of elements to use in your expression. This includes:

Built-in Clarion Functions

A list of available built-in Clarion functions


A list of the application’s global data elements


A list of the current module’s data elements


A list of the current procedure’s local data elements

Procedure Files

A list of the tables defined in the current procedure


A list of procedures called from the current procedure

Window Control

A list of window elements and their field equate labels


Based on the resource selected, additional prompts may appear to help you select additional elements. Locators are provided for all resources selected.


Provides buttons for inserting logical and bitwise operators into the expression. You can also type them in directly.