The ExtendProgressWindow template adds functionality to Process and Report procedures. It is designed to do two things:


Give you precise control over the visual feedback you provide end users for (small) Process and Report procedures.


Allow Process and Report procedures to operate in two separate modes--all records mode and single record mode (current value range-limit).

You can use the ExtendProgressWindow template to delay or to completely suppress the progress window for a Process or Report procedure, and you can optionally specify a wait cursor. In single record mode, you can suppress the progress window, the print preview, or both.

The ExtendProgressWindow template provides the following options.

Delay Showing Window

Enter the number of seconds to hide the progress window. For example, you may want to hide the progress window for 3 seconds so that processes or reports that finish within 3 seconds limit never show a progress window.

Wait cursor

Check this box to display a wait cursor (hour glass cursor) for the duration of the process or report. For small/short processes and reports, your end users may prefer a simple wait cursor over a progress window. On completion, the procedure restores the cursor to its previous state.

Single Shot

These options are available only for Processes and Reports that specify a key in the Data / Tables Pad.

Single record

Check this box to allow the Report or Process to operate in its normal mode (process all records), or to operate in single record mode (current value range-limit) when GlobalRequest is set to ProcessRecord (see Procedure Templates--Inter-Procedure Communication for more information on GlobalRequest).

If your Report or Process procedure uses a non-unique key, you can process all records with the current key value!

The BrowsePrintButton template primes the range-limit field and calls procedures in this single record mode (see Control Templates--BrowsePrintButton).

Use Progress

Check this box to display the progress window in single record mode. Clear the box to suppress the progress window in single record mode.

Use Preview

Check this box to provide the print preview in single record mode. Clear the box to suppress the print preview in single record mode.