The GetCrystalFormulaPreview and GetCrystalFormulaPrint templates both accomplish the exact same task. They retrieve the Formula that is used to limit retrieved records. The difference between these two templates is that GetCrystalFormulaPreview is used in conjunction with the PreviewCrystalReport template and GetCrystalFormulaPrint is used in conjunction with the PrintCrystalReport template.

These templates call the Crystal8.SelectionFormula method.


These templates require the PreviewCrystalReport or the PrintCrystalReport template respectively.

Populating the Template

1. From an embed point, press the Insert button and select either the GetCrystalFormulaPreview or GetCrystalFormulaPrint template.

Template Prompts

These templates provides the following prompts:

Target Variable

Specify a valid variable to store the retrieved Formula. This may be a STRING, CSTRING, PSTRING, or MEMO data type. The variable may be a local, module, or global variable. You may also use a file field; however, you must write the code to update the file. This variable is required.