KeyWordLookUp code template


The KeyWordLookUp code template is used to look up one or more Keywords within a compiled help (.chm) file. Keywords are a collection of words and phrases that make up the help file's index. They are used find specific help topics. This template calls the KeywordLookUp method. This method takes three parameters, list of keywords, default message text and default window title.

Example method calls:

oHH.KeyWordLookUp( 'Demo' )


Template Prompts:

Key word to search for

Specify the Keywords(s) to search for. A string or variable may be specified. Multiple keywords can be searched for by entering a list of Keywords separated by semicolons (;) as the string to search for. If a variable is used, the variable should contain a list of keywords separated by semicolons. This entry is required.

String message to display if not found (opt)

Specifies the message to display in a message box if the Keyword is not found. This entry is optional.

Title for Message box (opt)

Specifies the title of the message box dialog. This entry is optional.