ListBox Styles

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A list box style is a collection of fonts and colors that control a list box appearance. Applying a style to a list box is a two-step process. The style attribute must first be enabled for each desired column in the List Box Formatter. Next, a style can be applied in the Actions tab for each column in the list box control. The styles that are applied are maintained and organized in this window.

This dialog provides update buttons to add, change or delete a selected list box style, and is accessed from the Listbox Styles button located on the Procedure Properties window.

In the subsequent Styles dialog, the following prompts are provided:


Each prompt that follows in this dialog has an optional "V" button that, when pressed, provides an ellipsis button for variable selection. This extends the power of listbox styles to allow a given style to be controlled and modified at runtime.


Style Attributes

A list box style contains the following attributes:



Press the Font button to designate a Font Name (Arial, MS Sans Serif, etc.), Font Size, and Font Style (Regular, Bold, Italic, etc.) for the active listbox style. Manual entry of these settings is also permitted, but entering incorrect values (Font Names and Styles that are not supported) can produce unpredictable results.


Press the appropriate ellipsis button to set the active style colors for a column’s Foreground Normal, Foreground Selected, Background Normal, and Background Selected display mode.


Press the ellipsis button to build a picture token, or enter a picture token in the entry field provided which will replace the default column picture.


Runtime List Box

The Runtime ListBox style option is used to generate the appropriate runtime property syntax for a selected style and a selected list box that is not associated with the default procedure template (i.e., a hand coded list box or a third party template that populates a list box). Select the list box to associate with the current active style.