What's Next?

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There are several directions that we would like to recommend:


The GSLesson application that we started here is greatly expanded with many of Clarion’s powerful templates and other features in the Learning Clarion section of this online help file. These lessons are designed to introduce you to all the common development tools Clarion offers in both Professional and Enterprise Editions.


Dive in and get started with your own projects. The Online User's Guide, accompanied with the Clarion Core Help, provide comprehensive information to help you through your particular projects.


SoftVelocity offers educational seminars at various locations. Call Customer Service at (954) 785-4555 to enroll.


Join (or form) a local Clarion User’s Group and participate in joint study projects with other Clarion developers.


Participate in SoftVelocity’s online newsgroups. SoftVelocity’s internal news server offers newsgroups for all SoftVelocity products. On this news server you can exchange ideas with other Clarion programmers. Log into news.softvelocity.com and subscribe to the groups for the products you want to discuss (Strongly recommended!).


In addition, there is a Usenet newsgroup—comp.lang.clarion— where you can network with other Clarion programmers from all around the world. If English is not your native language, there is alt.lang.clarion.


Good luck and keep going—the programming power that Clarion puts at your fingertips just keeps on growing as you learn more!