ZoomIndex (index to applied zoom factor)

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The ZoomIndex property contains a value indicating which zoom factor is applied. The PrintPreviewClass object uses this property to identify and apply the selected zoom factor. The SetZoomPercentile method sets the ZoomIndex property.


The ZoomIndex value "points" to one of the 7 standard zoom settings or to a user zoom setting. The PrintPreviewClass object sets the ZoomIndex value when the end user selects a zoom setting from one of the zoom menus or from the zoom combo box. The standard zoom choices are defined in ABREPORT.TRN as follows:

No Zoom

Displays the specified number of pages (PagesAcross and PagesDown properties) in a tiled arrangement in the preview window.

Page Width

Displays a single page whose width is the same as the width of the preview window.


Displays a single page at 50% of actual print size.


Displays a single page at 75% of actual print size.


Displays a single page at 100% of actual print size.


Displays a single page at 200% of actual print size.


Displays a single page at 300% of actual print size.

A ZoomIndex value of zero (0) indicates a nonstandard zoom factor is specified. Nonstandard zoom factors may be specified when the AllowUserZoom property is True. The UserPercentile property contains the nonstandard zoom factor.

See Also:     AllowUserZoom, PagesAcross, PagesDown, UserPercentile, SetZoomPercentile